marți, 9 octombrie 2018

Kreuzhohle 2018

Between 22 and 29 September 2018 I was involved again in deep cave exploration: six days and three hours down below in Kreuzhohle, Austria.
Just a small preview of the 3D map that is coming:
We reached the penetration of Loferer Schacht depth which is it's bigger neighbor to South, so now we have to keep fingers crossed that we can go deeper because KH development is different.
Beside the Loferer Schacht expedition that took place in 2012, this was the most demanding cave exploration that I took part. I have to thank two persons, big ones: Roxana and Dan ! It is impossible to describe what your mental have to endure down there, let asside the physical effort. Numbers matter probably more than words:
- 0,6*C;
- 5000 calories burned every day;

Your mates are the only thing that remind you that your are alive and have a common goal. You are a deep cave explorer.

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