duminică, 20 august 2017

GRIND caving camp 2017

Here we are, at the 6th camp organized by us in this alpine vertical cave, Avenul de sub Varful Grind (-541m, 801m).
More about the cave, reports, films and pictures can be found at the dedicated blog of this cave: http://avenulgrind.blogspot.ro
This year, the camp will take place between 10 and 17.09.2017
How you can participate at this effort:
  1. Materials transport between Poiana Grind and cavers biwak Grind in the first and last day of the camp. In these days we need more people to carry all the stuff up and down the mountain.
Aprox. time between the points is: 2:30-3h.
  1. Supporting team member
The cavers that will work underground for several hours or days will need when they’ll get outside hot food, water, accu charges etc.
  1. Underground team member
The teams that will enter in the cave (2-3) will rigg till the bottom
(-541m), survey, climb and they will evacuate outside the trash found on several places from the old expeditions.
Going deeper than the actual depth of the cave is possible only by rotating the team inside at every 72 hours.
Please fill the registration form if you want to join the camp.
Due to the conditions of the camp, there will limited places. The organizer have reserved the right to chose the participants.
Organizers: Speleological Association “Focul Viu” with the support of Speleo Club “Avenul” and Speleoclub Sofia.

Place: Piatra Craiului Mountain, National Park;
Base camp: near cavers biwak Grind (1868m);
Advanced base camp: cavers biwak Grind (1873m);
Cave: Avenul de sub Vf.Grind (1920m).
  • Continuing the mapping work with DistoX2 technology;
  • Cave greening;
  • Climbing unknown passages;
  • Digging at the actual terminus.
Period: 10-17.09.2017
  • From Brasov till Zărneşti, hiking trail with red cross mark through Prăpăstiile Zărneştiului gorge until the point “La Table”. From “La Table” hiking trail red line until touristic hut Refugiul Grind.
Requirements for underground participants:
  • Authonomy on rope, SRT rigging knowledgement;
  • Sending the registration form until 7.09.2017;
  • Full caving and SRT equipment;
  • At least 2 survival blankets;
  • Minimum 18 years old;
  • Equipment for mountain and biwak for 7 days;
  • Caving insurance;
  • Medical certificate that proves you are fit for “caving activities”.
Requirements for outside participants:
  • Sending the registration form untill 7.09.2017;
  • Equipment for mountain and biwak for 7 days;
  • At least 14 years old;
  • Official certificate from parents for the participants under 18 year old;
  • Medical certificate that proves you are fit for “mountain activities”.
T-shirt will be provided for free only for participants. For others, the price is 35 lei (8 euros).
Accomodation: personal tents are provided. Sleeping bags and isoprenes are needed.
Food: self catering, the stove is provided.

The collective caving equipment (ropes, bolts etc.) will be provided by Speleological Association Focul Viu and Speleo Club Avenul.

For any questions do not hesitate to contact us:
Radu C. Dumitru – Asociatia Speologica Focul Viu
E-mail: speofv@yahoo.com