marți, 28 august 2018

Petzl Duo S Preview

The 3rd Li-Ion caving light incarnation from Petzl is here !
To make a review, I need a "live" experience with it and this is happening very soon.
Meanwhile, I opened the box and already mounted on my caving helmet in the place of Petzl Ultra Vario that gave me a great experience for 4 years and 4 months. It passed the test of time and is still working... .
I only hope that this new Duo S will survive that long.

The box:

The long sides of the box:

The short sides of the box:

Inside the box, there are:

- a black bag with Petzl logo on it;
- 1 Accu 2 that now has 3200 Ah (instead of 2600 Ah at Vario model and 2000 Ah at Wide model);
- the booklet;
- quick wall charger for ACCU rechargeable battery;
- an elastic headband strap that let's you wear the lamp on your head;
- mounting kit for Vertex and Alveo helmet from Petzl that doesn't require any screw;
- the lamp itself.

Here is a comparision between Ultra Vario size and Duo S size on the same helmet:
To mount the lamp on any helmet, the classic Ultra helmet mounting kit can be used because they didn't changed the type of mount for both the accu and the lamp:

So, basically, I just unclipped the Ultra Vario from the helmet and cliped the new Duo S on it.
Now, the price: is not at the same level as Ultra Vario was (read that review), is more expensive with 80 euros, the price of an Accu 2.