miercuri, 26 august 2015

Exposure room si DivShare au colapsat

Majoritatea imaginilor statice de pe blog le urcasem pe DivShare. Cand am pornit blogul, la finele anului 2009, Exposure Room era cel mai bun provider de continut video din punct de vedere al calitatii. Ambele au "cazut". Exposure Room acum doi ani, DivShare anul acesta. Fara warning, fara nimic, doar au murit ca si afacere. Macar eu eram utilizator "free", altii au fost insa "premium', adica plateau pentru un serviciu ce s-a volatilizat fara nici o explicatie sau avertizare.
De aceea, multe postari din acest blog au link-uri catre imagini ce nu mai exista. E o munca destul de voluminoasa sa le refac (de data asta direct in blogger-ul lui Google si pe Vimeo sau Youtube).

Pentru moment, am reincarcat imaginile la articolul Tirbusonul Sperantelor din Pestera Polovragi din aprilie 2013.

Ce parere au baietii "premium" pe pagina DivShare de FB:

DivShare has not worked for me for several months. Since then, I have not been able to successfully upload a file. To add insult to injury, my credit card was billed twice during this year's renewal. My emails have not been answered. I have used DivShare's services for two years prior without an issue... WTF, guys??

Please do not trust 'Divshare', this scam website deleted everyone's files without warning and with absolutely no chance to retrieve them, if you trust this company they will most likely do this to your files again in the future :/ The site no longer works anyway, they've probably run off with all the money :/ Scam website, no customer service, doesn't work, avoid!

Guys I'd like a full refund for the last 2 payment I made to you as your device essentially doesn't work anymore and you have screwed my blog up forever! Username email thehouseofdisco@gmail.com Please process the refund and I will leave it at that. If you don't I will have to take this further, which I would prefer not to do

Pe scurt, teapa !

Keep posting, keep blogging !!!

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