sâmbătă, 28 aprilie 2018

Lightweight carabiners

Trying to go light isn't so simple as it seems. Every manufacturer tell us their stuff is lightweight and ergonomic. When it comes to weight, the truth can be measured.
The de facto conector in caving is the Peguet GO 7mm maillon linked to a hanger (coudee or vrille).

Changing this maillon with a compact carabiner can cut a lot of weight. How much ?
Well, that's why I did these measurements:

The Plume from Grivel wins hands down.
The only "problem" is the price of these conectors compared with the price of a normal GO 7mm which is 3,40 EUR :

Grivel Plume - 11.50 EUR (strenght: 22Kn,7Kn,7Kn)
DMM Phantom - 14,95 EUR (strenghts 24Kn, 9Kn, 9Kn)
Edelrid Pure - 8.50 EUR (strenghts 23 Kn, 8Kn, 8 Kn)
Simond Rocky - 6,00 EUR (strenghts 22Kn, 8 Kn, 7Kn)

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